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About The Founder

Michele Eaton, M.C.M.

President and CEO

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Michele has been a book lover since she was 4 years old, with a passion for the vast power of words and language. She has used that passion to forge a long career in organizational communication and public relations strategy. Michele believes that the only way to achieve a mission is to connect with real, tangible, two-way communication circles with people – customers, employees, investors – everyone who matters to an organization.  


For the last 20 years, Michele has worked at every level of communication and PR strategy and execution across all kinds of industries: hospital and healthcare, medical research, engineering and technology, marketing and advertising, non-profit, and agency accounts. Most recently, she acted as deputy chief of community engagement and social media manager on the headquarters staff of the 4-star general and commander of Air Force Space Command. As deputy chief, she grew the command’s digital social presence, increasing followership by more than 1000% across social media platforms in a year's time and more than 340% in audience engagement in a year.


Now, Michele is running her own company, founded on the basis of building public relationships with trust and integrity. In addition to managing her company and clients, Michele is pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research & Policy. Her research is focused on the information-seeking habits of children and teens on social media and the role of public education in improving childhood information literacy and social media awareness.


She is an alumnus of American Military University and the University of Southern California. She will receive her doctorate from the University of Colorado.

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